Easily transition from RF to IP.

Customer’s desires and budgets don’t always sync when it comes to technology investment. With ZeeVee’s simultaneous AV over RF and IP solutions, transitioning from current to new technology is simple, easy and doesn’t strain capital in the process.

ZeeVee is the only manufacturer with solutions for digital distribution of any analog or digital source, from VGA through HD-SDI, in simultaneous RF and IP output. This allows integrators and AV managers to transition, distributing sources in IP as the budget, project or infrastructure allows, delivering rich video content via the right technology at the right moment. No stranded capital, no obsolete equipment, simply the best solution for delivering AV over both RF and IP simultaneously.

ZeeVee delivers all benefits of AV over RF and IP



For AV managers, moving from coax to category cabling doesn’t always happen at one time. It may take months, or even years. That is why ZeeVee manufactures a line of solutions that distribute AV over existing coax and simultaneously over IP. This is especially helpful in multi-building campuses where new facilities can be wired with the latest off-the-self IP network and legacy facilities can continue to deliver AV content over the existing coaxial RF.

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ZeeVee has become an industry leader in designing and building AV distribution systems because of our focus on engineering solutions that can be deployed and managed easily. Through the use of our intuitive Maestro management system, integrators, dealers and end users quickly become experts in configuring and managing AV over RF and IP deployments. Plus, our AV distribution solutions leverage industry standard protocols making you more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

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ZeeVee’s RF/IP solutions offer pristine picture quality up to 1080p and are engineered to perform. Manufactured to exacting standards in the United States they are backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty and world class support, giving customers peace of mind.



Professionals recognized the future of AV distribution is IP, but replacing antiquated analog or failing digital equipment must be done immediately. At the same time, the budget won’t always support transitioning to IP distribution. ZeeVee allows customers to affordably upgrade to full digital 1080p RF distribution today, with the ability to move to deploying IP when the time and budget allow. No stranded capital and no additional expense for separate IP encoding equipment in the future, saving money and resources.

ZeeVee’s iSeries of encoder/modulators exceed the demands of today’s RF plant, while future proofing any deployment with simultaneous IP capability

High quality video distribution to an unlimited number of displays

Powered by Maestro

It’s configuration, not programming

  • Intuitive, browser-initiated management platform
  • Quickly configure and easily manage entire deployments
  • Set up and deploy over a hundred channels simultaneously in RF and IP
  • Remote or local access
  • Control DIRECTV set-top-boxes, and ZvEAS

Maestro is ZeeVee’s award winning, browser-initiated management platform that speeds up and simplifies system set-up and administration. Manage your entire deployment with remote or local set-up and control with one web initiated session, saving time and money.

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Simultaneous RF/IP Distribution with Maestro

Video Distribution

HDbridge 3000

Simultaneous RF and MPEG2 IP media modules or H.264 IP only media module over 100Mb and 1Gb networks

Swappable media modules for mixed component, VGA, unencrypted HDMI or HD-SDI signals

Large channel count deployments (12+)

Encode/modulate content from SD up to 1080p


Flexible chassis and media module based system

Distribute up to 24 HD in a signal chassis

Combine multiple chassis to distribute 100+ sources

Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans

Send AV content to an unlimited number of displays

Video Distribution

HDbridge 2920i

Simultaneous RF and MPEG2 IP output over 100Mb and 1Gb networks

Deployments where HD-SDI sources are used

Digital encoder/modulator handles up to 1080p resolution


Combine units to distribute 100+ sources

Send AV content to an unlimited number of displays

Video Distribution

ZvPro iSeries

Simultaneous RF and MPEG2 IP output over 100Mb and 1Gb networks

Distributes component, VGA, or unencrypted HDI sources with digital or analog audio output

Small channel count deployments (1-4+)

Digital encoder/modulator handles 1080p resolution


Unlimited number of displays

Simplified Simultaneous RF/IP Network Architecture


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Whether RF or IP ZeeVee Has You Covered

ZeeVee’s deep experience in digital encoding includes both RF and IP-based products, ensuring superior quality of transmitted content as well as signal compatibility with industry-standard displays, set-top boxes, network switches and other pivotal third-party devices.

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