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ZeeVee’s critically acclaimed management platform, MaestroZ, was designed around one concept – easy set-up, configuration and management of any AV over IP deployment without sacrificing power, features or functionality.

MaestroZ - No Compromises

Configuration not programming

  • Devices auto-discover and start working immediately when connected to the network
  • Simply name the encoder or decoder, make a couple of simple configuration selections and you are good to go
  • Control locally or remotely, and with a computer or mobile device
  • Drop down menus allow for control of video, digital audio, analog audio, RS232, infrared and USB on each source from one window
  • One management platform to configure and control all ZyPer4K, ZyPerUHD and ZyPerHD deployments
  • Click on the links to the right to see just how easy it is to configure ZyPer solutions using Maestroz

Create and program video walls in seconds – not hours

  • Building video walls is easy and fast, and only a takes five simple steps
  • Displays can be assigned to multiple walls and are still available as individual content displays
  • Click on the link to the right to view a video on how to build video walls with Maestroz

Setting up multi-view displays is quick and easy

  • Maestroz configures a display into multi-view using a single ZyPer4K decoder
  • Display and control up to 9 ZyPer4K sources on a single display – perfect for security, command and control centers, broadcast facilities and network operation centers
  • Click on the link to the right to view a video on how to set up multi-view

Configure and control zones

  • Set-up  and control multiple display zones is as easy as dragging and dropping individual displays into zones
  • Flexible enough to accommodate displays associated with multiple zones
  • Click on the link to the right to view a video on how to set up zones

Tech Tips

Creating Zones

MaestroZ makes it fast and easy to configure and manage even the most complex AV over IP deployment.

Maestro and Maestroz are the industry’s most powerful, yet intuitive AV configuration and management tool. Don’t take our word for it, the quote below is directly from one of our largest competitors:

“If one more customer tells me how fast and easy Maestro makes setting up and controlling their AV deployment, I might kill them.”

  • Engineered for easy implementation and intuitive use
  • Built on the principle of configuration not programming
  • You only need to learn one configuration and control platform – Maestroz works with ZyPer4K, ZyPerUHD and ZyPerHD
  • Open API makes integration with popular control systems quick
  • Standards based solutions, no expensive proprietary switching fabric
  • Scalable – unlimited number of sources and displays
  • World-class pre and post sales support
  • To experience just how easy it is to use, view any of our brief Tech Tip videos –  click here

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